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The beer you can eat


Beermalade is a unique beer jam, that brings out the flavour of beers and turns it
into a culinary experience

Hand made

Beermalade is hand made in small batches and each flask is filled with love and care

Quality ingredients

Beermalade is made from the finest craft beers and sugar, without the addition of
fruit, herbs or flavourings

Prestigious awards

Beermalade Supavar IPA and Donovaly Hajlander were each awarded a star at
the Great Taste Awards 2017 and 2019



"I love to make things"

Owner of the Beermalade trademark

Hand crafts, packs and distributes the Beermalade. Responsible for choosing beers and the final quality of Beermalade.


"I am the creative one"

The logo author

Responsible for the visual side of Beermalade.


"I love beer"

Beer Judge - Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)​

Responsible for the selection and quality of beers from which Beermalade is made.

Great Taste star 2019

By Great Taste Awards

Great Taste star 2017

By Great Taste Awards

Robíme to inak 2017

("We do it differently 2017")


Discovery of the year 2016

By the Association of small independent breweries of Slovakia

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Ale sa ich vysypalo🤔🤔🤔Ktora z nich Vam najviac chuti?✍️✍️✍️✍️#beermalade #pivonazjedenie #pivo #beer #beerlover #beertasting #mnam #dobre #dobrota #delikatesa #vyrobenenaslovensku #vyrobeneslaskou #vyrobeneslaskou #madeinslovakia ... ViacMenej
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Paradna domaca kuracia pasteta 😋😋-A co este chyba???Domaci chlieb a #beermalade.Urcite vyskusajte.Recept? ✍️✍️✍️✍️-#pivonazjedenie #mnam #mnamka #pasteta #domacapasteta #chutnejedlo #chutne #dobrouchut #dobrota #dobrejedlo #delikatesa #dnesvarim #dnesjem #obed #vecera #podzub #rucnapraca #rucnavyroba ... ViacMenej
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